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transforming the way cacao is farmed

The cacao sector is plagued by production coming from deforested land, poverty, and child labor. Furthermore, the lack of technological advances in a highly fragmented industry results in low productivity and the prevalence of antiquated growing practices. At the same time, demand for sustainably sourced food is growing due to rising concerns over climate change, biodiversity loss, human health, and social inequalities. Cacao is no different; chocolate companies are under pressure from their stakeholders to address these issues urgently.

The Andean Cacao solution

Our business model, producing truly sustainable cacao at scale through innovative practices while integrating smallholder farmers, provides a unique opportunity to catalyze a much-needed shift in this industry.

By combining science and technology with respect for nature and people, we are able to revolutionize the way cacao is farmed.

We hope to see our model replicated at an even larger scale and be the trigger for a global transformation of the cacao sector.