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Regenerative CLIMATE POSITIVE Agriculture

The cacao industry has been and is still the source of massive deforestation worldwide. Looking forward, the International Cocoa Organization estimates that 50% of the current cocoa production areas could become inadequate for cocoa cultivation by 2050 due to climate change. There is no future for the cacao sector without addressing these two interrelated issues.

Carbon neutral cacao and beyond

We are focused on building resilient ecosystems while contributing to climate change mitigation and the preservation of biodiversity. 

By converting degraded lands into regenerative agroforestry systems with multiple species (cacao trees, shade trees, wind barriers, cover crops) we manage to:

  • Improve soil health.
  • Sequester carbon as biomass and in the soils.
  • Create habitats for biodiversity to thrive.
  • Reduce the use of inputs and the consumption of water.

This overarching approach is complemented by the following initiatives that further strengthen our positive impact:

  • Protection of conservation areas.
  • Reforestation of degraded areas that we do not cultivate.
  • Working hand in hand with our network of smallholders to improve their farming practices.
  • Upcycling of cacao waste into energy (electricity and heat), natural fertilizers, and consumable by-products (cacao pulp).