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Modern Operations at scale

Cacao is an orphaned crop suffering from underinvestment and lack of innovations, resulting in virtually unchanged growing practices for decades and decreasing yields worldwide. Modernization is therefore crucial to meet the growing demand for cacao while ensuring a genuinely sustainable cacao supply chain. 

Innovation at the service of sustainability

For us, modernization means using precision agricultural practices focusing on yields, cost and resource efficiency, quality and standardization, and health and safety without compromising our pledge for positive environmental and social impact.

  • Rigorous land selection process combined with tailor-made farm designs which consider soil composition, topography, water cycles and climatic conditions to create an enabling environment for cacao trees to thrive.
  • Deployment of technology to in-field operations such as real-time GPS-based integrated management and mechanization of processes.
  • Optimized high-density agroforestry farm layout together with an innovative crop establishment sequence, ensuring optimal tree architecture and homogeneity of the plant stand.
  • State of the art irrigation system that allows for resource efficiency through fertigation based on the phenological stage of plants and irrigation shifts based on soil texture.
  • Centralizing of the post-harvest operations and development of specialized machinery to minimize end-product variability while allowing for cacao waste up-cycling.