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Smallholder Farmers Integration

The vast majority of the cacao produced in the world is farmed by smallholder farmers that live in poverty and do not have access to technology, inputs, machinery, financing, science, and international offtake markets. As a result, they are stuck in a low productivity model that forces them to deforest small areas to increase their revenues and only feed their families.

Partnering for a lasting impact

Since the beginning, we have been working hand-in-hand with smallholder farmers to lift them out of poverty and improve their livelihoods by transitioning them towards a farming model which is truly sustainable, driving social and environmental impact, and stabilizing communities. Our work with our currently 400+ smallholder farmer partners focuses on improving productivity, efficiency, sustainability, and income.

Technical Knowledge

Transfer of technical knowledge

Technical assistance and training on agronomical and sustainability topics, combined with access to high-performance planting material and inputs, to increase farmers’ productivity and cost efficiency, while also improving resilience and sustainability practices.

Central Post Harvesting

Centralization of post-harvesting

Construction and operations of centralized post-harvest centers and associated wet bean logistics, allowing farmers to save time and money, and improve the quality and consistency of their production.

Bean Commerce

Bean commercialization

Access to international markets and premium pricing due to single origin, impact, high quality and traceability attributes of the production.