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Our Partners

We set ourselves very high ambitions (we want to transform the cacao sector, nothing less!) which would not be possible to achieve without the long-term commitment and continuous support of our partners. We leverage their deep-rooted expertise to deploy the results they obtained in other regions of the world and constantly improve our operations. Together, we develop joint programs on a wide range of topics going from integrated pest management to post harvesting optimization, carbon accounting, renewable energies on the farms, waste reduction, use of by products, tracability, gender equality, community inclusion etc. This unique partnership benefits all our stakeholders: workers, smallholders, communities, nature, sponsors, lenders, clients and ultimately all the players of the cocoa value chain if we can show that, after all, cacao can be farmed sustainably at scale.

Mars is actively involved in sustainability initiatives and has made commitments to reduce its carbon footprint, use sustainable materials, and invest in renewable energy and water conservation projects. The company also operates philanthropic programs aimed at improving access to education, healthcare, and nutrition in the communities where it operates.

ECOM is committed to sustainability and social responsibility in its supply chain, through its Beyond Cocoa program focused on enhancing the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and promoting sustainable farming practices to improve the quality of their beans.

Provides sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions for the agriculture industry. Their focus is on regenerative agriculture, which is a farming approach that seeks to restore soil health, increase biodiversity, and reduce the environmental impact of agriculture.

Member of the World Bank Group. Largest global development institution focused on the private sector in emerging markets. One of the IFC’s fundamental initiatives in the cacao sector is the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP), which provides financing and technical assistance to smallholder farmers and agricultural initiatives.