Driving enduring and measurable impact in three areas

By converting cattle-grazing land into sustainable cacao plantations, Andean Cacao aims to  improve the ecosystems in the regions where it operates.

Environmental Indicators:

  • Cattle grazing hectares converted into perennial cacao crops
  • Tonnes of certified cacao exported 
  • Timber trees planted
  • CO2 Tonnes captured
Rural Development 
Andean Cacao aims to propel private investment and economic production in rural areas
while creating formal jobs that enable rural households to benefit from a stable income, health and pension benefits, and continuous training.

Rural Development Indicators:

  • Value of investment in rural areas
  • Direct permanent jobs created
  • Cumulative value of rural salaries paid
  • Market value of cacao locally produced
Through our social venture Impulsa Bacao, we aim to set the stage for smallholder cacao farmers to professionalize their crops and be appropriately equipped to commercialize their cacao in high value markets

Social Impact Indicators:
  • Number of smallholder farmers in Impulsa Bacao´s supply chain
  • Crop productivity increase (kg/ha)
  • Price premium paid to smallholder farmers
  • Increase in smallholder farmer cacao income
  • Percentage of Impulsa Bacao´s shareholding owned by smallholder farmer associations